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Pediatric Dentistry / Dentists for Kids in Edmonton

Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with children. At Motivo Dental in Edmonton, we provide dental service to all the family including the little ones. We recommend to bring your child to the dentist when the eruption of the first tooth happens. This visit is called the happy visit. The dentist will have a look on your child’s teeth, and give some advice regarding how to take care of the teeth, and the best diet to keep the teeth healthy. This visit is free and no payment is required for it.

Establishing a good habit is very important at an early age. The dentist at Motivo Dental will help your child to have a good brushing technique and good oral hygiene.

Our dentists in Edmonton provide dental fillings, dental extractions, space maintainers, early orthodontics, and bad oral habits correction, all in a very friendly environment.
Our Dental office provides sedation with Nitrous Oxide when it is necessary, usually some patients may need this if they are afraid of the dentist.

All dental plans are accepted, and financing plans are also available.
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Child Dentistry