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Cosmetic Dentistry in Edmonton

Everyone loves to have a beautiful smile. At Motivo Dental, Dr. Alhomsi can help you achieve the smile of your dreams! (Instead of the sentence: Everyone loves to have a beautiful smile. Now, with Motivo Dental, Dr Alhomsi can help you to have the smile of your dream, you can have the smile of your dreams!)
If your smile has some imperfections, Dr Alhomsi at Motivo Dental can help to correct the shape, color, alignment or your teeth so you can have an attractive smile.
The following dental cosmetic treatments are available at Motivo Dental:

Dental veneers:

This treatment can be completed in few dental appointments, it is about a thin layer of porcelain that covers the tooth, and can disguise poor tooth shape, discolorations, gaps, cracks, chips. The tooth is first prepared to give enough thickness for the porcelain veneer material, then an impression is taken, a temporary veneer is fit in, and the porcelain veneer is made by the dental lab. In a second appointment the final dental veneer is bonded to the tooth using special bonding materials. Dental veneers at Motivo Dental provide patients with a fast, convenient way to recreate their smile to be brighter, straighter, and uniform.

Dental crowns:

If the tooth has a large restoration, or if the patient’s bite doesn’t allow us to do a dental veneer, a dental porcelain crown might be the best option. Dental crowns, which are caps for teeth, are used in a variety of treatments. They can be used in cosmetic dentistry, and also to repair the function of the tooth after a root canal or large restoration. Dental crowns can also be used in conjunction with dental bridges, dental implants and other treatments that require the sturdiness of dental crowns. Dental crowns look, feel, and function like natural teeth and require no special home care.


Sometimes teeth need to be altered to a new position to achieve a beautiful smile. Orthodontics can adjust teeth to correct their position in cases of crowding or spacing. The use of braces can also correct the bite. At Motivo Dental, we can provide all types of orthodontic treatment, which include fixed braces and invisible trays (Invisalign).

Direct Bonding:

With this approach, tooth colored materials called dental composites are bonded to the teeth using special materials and techniques. This treatment can adjust the shape and color of tooth. It can fill gaps, repair chips, fractures, cracks, and full dental veneers can be made using these materials if the patient cannot afford ceramic veneers. This treatment is done in one session only, and it is considerably less expensive than ceramic veneers or crowns. These materials are less resistant than ceramics, therefore they may need to be repaired frequently.

Cosmetic Dentistry In Edmonton