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Dental Crowns in Edmonton

You are a good candidate for dental crowns in these cases:

If you have broken or chipped teeth, this damage usually is caused by an injury or from grinding your teeth while sleeping. A dental crown is possibly the most cost effective way to rehabilitate a tooth damaged in these cases.
You also need a dental crown or cap if you are having a root canal. Usually the tooth loses much of its material when a root canal is done, the tooth also becomes more fragile after root canals. That is why a dental crown is indicated in these cases to cap the tooth and protect it. If a crown is not done after the root canal treatment, the tooth may chip or crack and may be lost because of that.

Dental crowns are also indicated if you have very large fillings. This is to protect the teeth so they don’t chip or crack. Your dentist at Motivo Dental can decide if a crown is good for you.
Dental crowns can be made of full porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or full metal. A discussion with your dentist at Motivo Dental is necessary before deciding the right crown for you.

Dental Crowns In Edmonton