Removable dentures are used to replace missing teeth. They are made of plastic and metal, or just plastic.
Removable partial dentures: If the patient still has some of their teeth, a removable partial denture can be used to replace the missing teeth. Usually, it is made with a metal frame and plastic, including metal clasps to hold on to the remaining teeth.
Complete Dentures: At Motivo Dental we also provide complete dentures if the patient has lost all of their teeth. Full dentures are typically made using plastic.


Usually removable dentures are less expensive than fixed dental bridges or implants, and there is no need for extensive preparation of the adjacent teeth to fit partial dentures.



  • Removable dentures are less stable than fixed bridges.
  • Bone resorption usually happens with removable dentures. The underlying bone shrinks with time, as opposed to using implants which can preserve the bone over time.
  • The biting force is reduced with a removable denture.