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At Motivo Dental in Edmonton west we try to preserve teeth as much as we can, unfortunately sometimes the teeth can be hopeless and need to come out, in these cases we perform dental extractions.
Some indications for teeth extractions:

  • A very big tooth cavity, if the tooth decay has destroyed a very big part of the tooth extractions may be indicated.
  • A tooth that has toothache and the patient can not have a root canal for some reason, in this case a tooth extraction may be indicated.
  • A tooth that already had a root canal, and for some reason was not crowned or restored properly, and has a vertical fracture ; in this case an extraction may be needed .
  • Wisdom teeth: if there is no room for wisdom teeth, or if they are not in a favorable position, all or some of those wisdom teeth may need to be extracted. At Motivo Dental in West Edmonton, we perform most types of wisdom teeth extractions.
  • Orthodontic treatments: Sometimes teeth extractions maybe indicated to enable the alignment of the other teeth in the course of orthodontic treatment.

Types of teeth extractions:

  • At Motivo Dental in west Edmonton we perform simple extractions, surgical extractions, and impacted wisdom teeth extractions.
  • Simple extractions are done when the tooth can be pulled out without the need to perform a flap,usually this type of extractions is the easiest but not always possible.
  • Surgical extractions are indicated when the tooth is so much broken down, or very anchored to the bone that we need a flap or maybe some bone removal to be able to remove the tooth.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth extractions are indicated for wisdom teeth that failed to fully erupt, this extraction is surgical .