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Mouth Guards / Bite Appliances

Teeth clenching and bruxism

Teeth clenching and bruxism are both common problems that many people have. In many cases, people are not aware that they have this problem and don’t realize they have it until complications happen.

Teeth clenching can also cause teeth to wear out. This can be progressive and can lead to serious functional and cosmetic problems, which can include bite alteration that can cause temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction, and also shorter teeth which will affect the beauty of your smile.

In many cases, the dentist can recommend a night guard to limit the bad effects of bruxism/clenching. A night guard is a tray that the patient wears during sleep, so the teeth, muscles, and joints are relaxed. At Motivo Dental we provide night guards for patients who need it.

Mouth Guards / Bite Appliances