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Lovely kid smiling to the doctor while having a teeth surgery at the stomatology
Lovely kid smiling to the doctor while having a teeth surgery at the stomatology

Recall Examinations

By performing thorough examinations on a regular basis, Dr. Alhomsi can diagnose problems early, before they become serious, painful, or expensive, giving you the best chance for successful restoration of your oral health.

A recall examination is typically done once a year for adults and includes a thorough clinical examination and diagnosis of the hard and soft tissues in your mouth, both visually, as well as with the aid of dental x-rays. It is important to take routine x-rays at recall examinations to diagnose underlying problems that may otherwise go undetected.

Some conditions that can be diagnosed at a recall examination include: cavities, periodontal disease, bruxism (teeth grinding), xerostomia (dry mouth), infections, jaw cysts and tumors, and many more.

Dr. Alhomsi will also perform an oral cancer screening, check your occlusion (bite), palpate your TMJ (temporomandibular joint), and may perform a number of other assessments and screenings to check for anything else that may be impacting your health, such as undiagnosed sleep apnea or gastrointestinal disease. In these cases, we have established relationships with other health care professionals and collaborate to arrange referrals to ensure proper treatment of these conditions.

We typically recommend examinations for children twice a year. Decay progresses much quicker through primary teeth than adult teeth, and reaches the pulp (nerve) portion sooner, which can create negative, painful dental experiences for children. As well, changes in tooth and jaw development in children occur very rapidly, so we want to ensure we are facilitating healthy and proper growth every step of the way.

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