Dental Implants

Candidates for dental implants:

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If you have a missing tooth, you may benefit from dental implants. A full dental exam with the dentist is necessary to check for the feasibility of the procedure. Dental implants are necessary in case you have an unstable full denture, in this case the implants can stabilize the denture and improve the function.

Dental Implants in Edmonton

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Dental implants are artificial devices made of titanium alloys that can be inserted into the bone and hold replacement teeth, bridges, or dentures.

The advantage of implants over bridges is that we don’t need to prepare the adjacent natural teeth. The implant also has the advantage of preserving the bone. They prevent bone loss that happens after losing teeth.

Dental implants can improve the stability of dentures, specially lower dentures, if you have troubles with your dentures stability implants may be the solution.

Age and dental implants:

Dental implants may be done at any age, of course a consultation with the dentist is necessary before the procedure.


  • Dental implants will preserve the bone almost as natural teeth do when you loose teeth
  • Implants-Motivo Dental you gradually lose the bone that was holding them (the alveolar bone), this bone is so precious and once it is lost it is hard to regain again! A dental implant will keep this bone and preserve the the function and the aesthetics.
  • For the patient dental implants feel like real teeth, aesthetically and functionally.
  • For the right candidates, dental implants have a higher success rate than other dental prosthetic.
  • We don’t need to prepare adjacent teeth to put a dental implant, this preserves the remaining teeth and this is one factor why success rate is higher with implants than dental bridges.


The first step is to have a consultation with the dentist, then full records that include x-rays, pictures, study models, and specially a 3D x-ray that enables the dentist to measure the size of the remaining bone, and the proper surgical technique.

If the bone is not enough to support an implant a bone graft may be necessary before or the day of the implant insertion.

In the first surgical appointment the implant is inserted inside the bone , the flap is sutured, and the implant will be left for a healing period between 2-6 months, during this time the implant should integrate inside the bone.

In 2-6 months the dentist will check the integration of the implant, if everything is good a crown can be made to fit the implant.

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Dental Implants

At our dental office in west Edmonton, we provide dental implant services to our patients.

What is a dental implant?

  • A dental implant is titanium alloy post that is integrated into the bone and replaces a missing tooth/teeth. Since the invention of dental implants, they became the best method for replacing missing teeth.
  • The dental implant is integrated into the bone of the jaw, which holds a dental crown that replaces the missing tooth. For the patient, the implant almost feels like a real tooth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Bone preservation: Since the dental implant is integrated inside the bone, it preserves the bone volume almost the way you natural teeth do. The alveolar bone appears with the eruption of the teeth and disappears gradually with the loss of teeth. Having a dental implant will help preserve the bone which in turn preserves function and aesthetics.
  • Removable dentures don’t preserve the bone, so the bone volume will decrease with time.
  • Better biting force: With dental implants patients will have a biting force close to the biting force that natural teeth provide, as opposed to removable dentures that dramatically reduce the biting force. Having a strong bite helps you enjoy your food and chew it Implants-Motivo Dentalefficiently.
  • No need to prepare adjacent teeth: To replace a tooth using a fixed bridge, the adjacent teeth need to be prepared, and sometimes a root canal may be needed later. With an implant, the adjacent teeth are not touched, so any side effect of tooth preparation can be avoided.
  • Oral hygiene: It is considerably easier to brush and floss around implants than dental bridges. In fact, one of the main reasons of dental bridge failure is the tooth decay that is caused by inefficient brushing and flossing around the dental bridge.
  • Implants are used to make full dentures more stable: This is a solution for loose dentures; more often than not it is impossible to make a stable denture due to bone loss. Dental implants make the denture that sits over top of the implants substantially more stable.

How much dental implants cost:

At our dental office in West Edmonton, we try to make the dental implant less expensive than a dental bridge. Our prices are affordable; please call our office for more information.

At Motivo Dental in West Edmonton, we provide a full dental implant service.

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  • Diagnosis and treatment planning: At the first appointment, we take the necessary records, which include impressions, photos, and x-rays. At Motivo Dental in west Edmonton, we use 3D x-ray technology for proper case planning and diagnosis.
  • Surgical guide construction: With the help of the 3D x-ray, a surgical guide is constructed. This makes the surgery and the final prosthesis more accurate and easier for the patient. At our dental office in west Edmonton, we use surgical guides for most of our implant cases.
  • The surgical phase: This includes placing the implant inside the bone, which is done under local anesthetic and sedation if necessary.
  • The prosthetic phase: After few months, the implant is loaded and a crown is built on the implant.

Immediate implants: In some cases, the extraction of the tooth and the implant insertion can be done in the same appointment. The patient should be seen by the dentist first to check if immediate dental implants are possible.