Teeth Whitening Edmonton

Teeth Whitening Edmonton

Teeth Whitening: A Solution for Discolored Teeth

Tea, berries, and green smoothies, as well as coffee, red wine, and smoking, may all progressively discolour your teeth and make your smile look less attractive. Thankfully, teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that may lighten your tooth's shade and remove discolouration brought on by aging, medicine, or lifestyle choices like smoking or drinking coffee, tea, or wine.

Motivo Dental's' Complimentary Whitening Program

At Motivo Dental, we take pleasure in providing our unique "Complimentary Whitening Program." We think everyone deserves a smile that is bright and white, and our program is made to help our customers achieve that goal.

We take imprints to make custom-fit whitening trays in our lab for patients who want to whiten their teeth. After your trays are prepared, we provide you with a complete starter whitening package that you may use whenever is most convenient at home. In addition, as part of our "Complimentary Whitening Program," we provide you with a free bottle of whitening gel to correct any discolouration brought on by a year's worth of coloured foods and beverages at your yearly dental exam. Your personalized trays may be used as frequently as you'd like, and unless your teeth significantly change or move, they should last a lifetime.

In-Office Whitening Services for Fast and Effective Results

For individuals who are pressed for time, or perhaps prior to a special event or upcoming photographs, we also offer our in-office whitening. Though not part of our “Complimentary Whitening Program”, our in-office whitening service offers great results in just 60 minutes, and includes a set of custom trays for future at home whitening.

In-office Teeth Whitening

This treatment is a quick and convenient way to achieve a brighter smile, capable of lightening your teeth by six to ten shades. The procedure uses a special, light-activated whitening gel (usually containing hydrogen peroxide) and typically takes between 30 to 60 minutes to complete. It may require multiple visits to the dentist's office to reach the desired shade.

Take-home Teeth Whitening

With this option, our dentists will take an impression of your teeth to create custom-fit mouth trays. You will be given a supply of bleaching gel (usually containing hydrogen peroxide) to apply to the trays and instructed to wear them for a certain amount of time. It is important to use only the prescribed amount of whitening gel as excessive use can cause irritation to the gums.

Risks and Precautions

At-home and in-office teeth whitening treatments can potentially cause temporary tooth sensitivity for some people. This side effect typically subsides a few days after the treatment is complete. It is important to note that pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should avoid teeth whitening treatments.

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