Should you extract your wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is the hindmost molars in your set of teeth. This molar is not like the other teeth. While the other teeth erupt at an early age, a wisdom tooth erupts only after the late adolescence. This is one of the reasons why it is addressed to as wisdom tooth. Since these molars erupt late, there isn’t much space left for them to erupt easily. This makes the process of eruption painful. Often people consider wisdom tooth extraction to avoid the discomfort. But should you consider wisdom tooth extraction? Let us find out.

If you are facing any of the below mentioned problems, then you need a wisdom tooth extraction.


Generally, the wisdom tooth does not erupt easily. When this happens, a thin flap of the gum remains in its place, causing the tooth to push it. This flap also forms traps of food debris, which forms bacterial accumulation. Over a period, this pushing and bacterial accumulation cause inflammation in your gums. To get rid of the inflammation, you might want to extract your wisdom tooth.

Cyst Formation

A cyst is a small sack of tissue filled with fluid. Such cysts are sometimes formed around the wisdom tooth when it grows irregularly. These cysts can damage your tooth roots and bone structure. If ignored for long, these cysts can also become tumors. So if you have a cyst formation around your wisdom tooth, get it extracted.

Irregulars Growth

Wisdom teeth seldom erupt straight. Also, they require a lot of space, which not every mouth can accommodate. If your wisdom tooth is growing awkwardly and pushing the other healthy teeth, then you need to get it extracted. If you do not extract the wisdom tooth, it will cause misalignment of your other teeth.

Sinus Issues

Have you ever wondered there could be a connection between your wisdom tooth and sinuses? Unfortunately, there is a connection. When the wisdom tooth erupts from the upper jaw, the roots of the tooth push through or rubs against the sinuses. This causes sinus pain, headaches, and congestions. It happens in rare cases. However, if you face this situation, then you need to get your wisdom tooth extracted.

These are some serious factors that will require you to get your wisdom tooth extracted. It is not necessary to always get an extraction as sometimes wisdom tooth eruption may not cause any problems. Nevertheless, it is recommended to get your wisdom tooth checked for any cavities or cyst formation. If your wisdom tooth is erupting, visit your trusted dentist for a quick checkup to avoid any problems.

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