Tooth Extractions Edmonton

Tooth Extractions Edmonton

Keeping Your Family's Teeth Healthy and Whole in Edmonton

At Motivo Dental, we are committed to preserving your dental health and keeping your teeth healthy and intact for as long as possible. However, there are certain circumstances where tooth extraction may be necessary to improve your overall dental well-being. When we perform tooth extractions, we completely remove the affected tooth from its socket in the jawbone, ensuring optimal oral health for our patients.

When Tooth Extraction is Necessary: Common Reasons

While our primary goal is to save the tooth through additional procedures, there are situations where tooth extraction becomes the best course of action. Some common reasons for tooth extraction include:

  1. Crowded Teeth: In cases where teeth are overcrowded, extracting a tooth may be necessary to create space for the proper alignment of other teeth, improving overall oral health and preventing complications.
  2. Infection Risk: Severe gum disease can pose a significant risk of infection, leading to tooth extraction to prevent the spread of infection to other teeth and surrounding tissues.
  3. Severe Tooth Decay: When tooth decay reaches an advanced stage, causing severe damage to the pulp and nerves, extraction may be the most effective solution to alleviate pain and prevent further oral health issues.
  4. Cracked Roots: In situations where the roots of a tooth are cracked and cannot be repaired, extraction may be required to prevent further damage and potential infections.

What to Expect During Tooth Extraction?

During the tooth extraction procedure, we prioritize your comfort and ensure effective pain management. We administer a general anesthetic to put you to sleep or use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth, depending on your specific needs. In some cases, we may need to break an impacted tooth into smaller pieces to minimize damage to surrounding tissue before extraction. Following the removal of the tooth, we carefully seal the socket using stitches to promote proper healing.

Informing Your Dentist: Pre-Extraction Checklist

To ensure a successful and safe tooth extraction procedure, it is crucial to communicate any underlying medical conditions or current prescription medications to your dentist beforehand. This includes disclosing any immune system disorders, liver or heart conditions, or any other relevant medical history. By providing your dentist with comprehensive information, they can tailor the procedure to your specific needs and ensure your well-being throughout the process.

Commonly Asked Questions About Tooth Extractions

Can I go back to work after having an extraction?

It is recommended to take the day off following your tooth extraction procedure to allow yourself time to rest and heal. Swelling and difficulty speaking may make it challenging to work immediately after the procedure. It is advised to avoid heavy lifting, bending over, and exercising for 1-3 days following the surgery.

Managing Pain After Tooth Extraction

For most patients, over-the-counter painkillers are sufficient to manage post-extraction discomfort. In certain cases or if you have specific allergies, your dentist may prescribe medication. It is recommended to take pain medication as soon as possible following the extraction, while you are still numbed, to support you as the local anesthetic wears off. Aspirin should be avoided, as it can thin the blood and interfere with clotting.

How long will the discomfort persist following tooth removal?

The duration of discomfort after tooth extraction can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and individual healing time. Typically, the pain should start to subside after a few days. If you experience increasing pain and discomfort after one week, it may indicate a dry socket, and you should promptly contact your dentist for further evaluation.

What can I eat or drink after tooth extraction?

In the immediate aftermath of a tooth extraction, it is recommended to stick to a liquid and soft food diet to ensure comfort and aid in

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