4 benefits of a mouth guard

Mouth guards are dental trays that are worn on the teeth to protect them from trauma. Mouth guards can be classified into two major types, athletic mouth guard and night guard. An athletic mouth guard is worn during sports activities and recreation to protect the teeth. Night guards are worn by people when they sleep to avoid unconscious damage to the teeth. Let us have a deeper look at how a mouth guard is beneficial for your teeth.

1. Averts Tooth Damage

The most important benefit of wearing a mouth guard is that it protects your teeth from damage. There are various factors that damage your teeth, bruxism is one of them. Often bruxism leads to tooth chipping and enamel damage. When you wear a mouth guard at night, you prevent the incidence of enamel damage due to unconscious teeth grinding.

2. Relieves Pain

If you suffer from bruxism or major conditions such as the temporomandibular disorder, you might also be experiencing frequent headaches. The temporomandibular disorder can also cause neck pain, jaw muscle fatigue, and pain in the ear. When you wear mouth guards, the symptoms of TMD and bruxism are controlled, and the pain is also reduced as the mouth guard provides support to the jaw. A customized mouth guard can even help you control the pain of TMD by aligning your jaw and easing the chewing process.

3. Reduces Jaw Pressure

We use our jaw and teeth multiple times in a day. For this reason, the jaw can get tired and stressed at the end of the day. Sometimes it even leads to pain in the jaw muscle and joints. When you use a mouth guard, the pressure on your jaw muscles is reduced, and it helps the muscles relax and perform better.

4. Aids Peaceful Sleep

Since problems like teeth clenching often happen when you are asleep, you might experience problems such as difficulty in breathing and getting a sound sleep. This can make you snore when you sleep. Also, the constant grinding of teeth can disrupt your sleep. With the use of a mouth guard, snoring can be controlled and teeth grinding can be avoided.

If you are a person suffering from bruxism or TMD and cannot wear a mouth guard throughout the day, it is recommended that you consider night guards to prevent the adverse damage to your teeth. If you want to get customized mouth guards, reach out to us at Motivo Dental.

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