5 Reasons You Have a Toothache

We tend to overlook a toothache as most of us think that it is a basic issue that will go away with time. However, if ignored consistently, a toothache can become vulnerable and affect the way you function daily. Tooth pain can have many causes and some you may never see coming.

If you have been experiencing unbearable pain in your teeth, you must visit your nearest dental clinic in Edmonton to figure out the reason behind it. Some of the possible causes could be:

1. Tooth Decay and Cavity

The most common reason is decays and cavities created due to poor oral hygiene. When you don’t clean your mouth thoroughly, a thin film of bacteria called plaque forms on the surface of your teeth and in the interdental spaces. These bacteria break down your dental surfaces, cause decays, and affect the inner part of your tooth called dentin. Once the dentin is damaged the tooth becomes very sensitive and becomes more susceptible to cavities. These cavities or holes can grow deeper and larger as time passes and worsen the pain.

2. Gum Diseases

If you have been experiencing pain around your gums, and if the area has become tender and red, it is probably because of gum disease. Gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis occur when gums and the jaw bone beneath the gums are inflamed. If left untreated, teeth, gums, and bones could be damaged or lost. Gum diseases, even in their initial stages, need to be addressed only in a dental clinic and not at home.

3. Sensitivity

If you experience sharp tooth pain during, or very soon after, eating or drinking something that is cold or hot, it is because of tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity happens when the outer surface (enamel) of your teeth is damaged, and the inner layer (dentin) is exposed. Dentin is where your tooth nerves lie. As you eat or drink something cold or hot, these nerves experience a shock, which further creates a toothache.

4. Damaged Dental Procedures

Dental procedures like fillings, crowns, sealants, and veneers are done by removing a part or layer of your teeth and putting these protectants in place. But when these protectants wear down, dentin is exposed. And just like sensitivity, you experience pain while eating or drinking something cold or hot.

5. Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding also leads to toothaches. Grinding also results in pain in the jaw, neck, and related muscles. Grinding teeth, whether intentionally or unknowingly, put pressure on your teeth, gums, and surrounding muscles. Prolonged grinding results in sore jaw bones and joints, headaches, and even cracked or chipped teeth, all of which are excruciating.

We are not trying to scare you with these possible reasons for a toothache. We just want you to take care of your oral health before it becomes difficult to handle. So, the next time you feel intense pain in your teeth or gums, visit our dental clinic in Edmonton at the earliest. We will examine your teeth, identify the exact cause for your toothache and help relieve the pain.

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