7 signs that you need dental braces

We all have this common misconception that braces are only meant for teens. No, they are not! There are several signs that indicate that you too may require braces. Even so, the decision to determine if you need dental braces lies in the hands of your dentist. Visiting a dentist for knowing about restoration services also helps you know about the procedure and the dos and don’ts of having dental braces.

Early Loss of Baby Teeth

If you’ve lost your baby teeth much earlier than your permanent teeth could come in, then your permanent teeth could have been affected. In cases like these, permanent teeth remain underdeveloped and don’t grow properly. To avoid any mismatch of permanent ingrown teeth, dentists advise getting dental braces or orthodontic restoration services.

Crooked or Blocked Out Teeth

Having crooked or blocked out teeth is another sign that you may need braces to align them. Crooked teeth can also affect your facial appearance. Plus, you would not feel comfortable to candidly smile if you have crooked or blocked set of teeth. Orthodontic restoration services can help you have a good set of teeth by getting dental braces.

Space Between Teeth

Any tooth loss, milk or permanent, causes a gap in your gums. Excess gaps between teeth or diastema can create dental problems like cavity formation, bad breath, etc. Space between teeth can cause difficulty in eating food. This can also impair the functioning of your bite and jaw. Getting dental braces will solve the common issue of adjusting gaps and having a set of well-aligned teeth.

Jaw Shift and Clicking Sound

Incorrect jaw position can cause your jaws to shift and make a clicking sound. This kind of problem is a result of a developmental issue with the jawline and your teeth. If you frequently experience pain in your jaw, you need to visit a dentist and consider getting braces to fix this problem.

Existing Teeth Alignment

If you always bite the side of your cheeks or your lips while eating or even talking, then it’s a sign that your teeth are not properly aligned. These are some dental conditions of teeth alignment that suggest you need braces.

Overbite: A little overlap of the upper teeth over the lower teeth is needed. But, an overbite is a condition where your lower teeth aren’t visible when you bite down. Having a severe overlap or overbite can cause dental issues which need to be corrected to avoid enamel hypoplasia.

Overjet: When your upper teeth are jetted out significantly over your lower teeth, this is known overjet. Having too much overjet can cause trauma to your upper front teeth, because they will be the first to take the impact if you have a fall or hurt your mouth. Dental braces in combination with rubber bands can correct this condition.

Underbite: When your lower teeth overlap the upper teeth, it results in an underbite. It is treated similarly to treating an overbite by getting braces to align the teeth.

Speech Issues

Not being able to speak clearly can be caused by many things. One such thing is an orthodontic issue. Speech issues are caused due to factors directly related to oral habits like nail biting, touching your tongue in teeth gap, or thumb sucking. Crooked teeth directly affect the way one pronounces certain words.

Dental braces have a variety of treatment options nowadays. Need dental braces and don’t wish people to notice them when you smile or communicate? Talk to your dentist about invisible braces. If you face one or more of these signs it’s time to see an orthodontist and find out if orthodontic treatment can help.

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