Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Crowns?

Not having perfectly aligned and white teeth can make you feel self-conscious even while talking or smiling. You may need a solution that covers all your dental flaws and provides you with a stunning smile.

A dental crown is a common treatment that caps the natural tooth to provide a natural-looking restoration. But is it the best option for you? To find out if you are a good candidate for dental crowns, you must ask yourself if you have any of these dental problems.

You Have a Broken, Fractured, or Cracked Tooth

You may have got a broken, fractured, or cracked tooth while playing sports or due to a fall. Irrespective of the reason, there are certain risk factors involved, like an uneven bite, if you leave your damaged tooth untreated. Such dental damages make your teeth more prone to decays, cavities, and discolouration. Therefore, it is essential to cap a tooth to save it from these factors. A dental crown acts as a strong protective cover, corrects the biting ability, and improves the appearance of your teeth.

You Have a Large Dental Filling

A large dental filling is applied to your damaged tooth by drilling a big hole in the centre of your tooth, typically the molar. The process can weaken the walls of the tooth, making it vulnerable to break. A dental crown can cover the entire structure, including your tooth’s wall and the filling. We suggest having a dental crown with a large filling to restore the strength of the dental walls while protecting the underlying natural tooth from further damage.

You Are Planning to Have a Root Canal

During the root canal therapy in your dental clinic, your dentist will drill a small hole into the inner part of the tooth, thus removing the infected material. The dentist will then fill the hole with a filling material, just like dental fillings. We have already mentioned the importance of having a dental crown after getting fillings. Having a dental crown after the root canal can prevent the risk of getting a bacterial infection and keeps the tooth safe.

You Have a Missing Tooth

When you have a missing tooth, there is a gap between your teeth which may later lead to shifting of the neighbouring teeth. A dental implant is an ideal solution for replacing gaps in your smile. A dental crown placed on top of the dental implant restores the function of the missing teeth. Filling the space with the combination of an implant and a crown also reduces the risk of bacterial build-up in the gap.

You Have a Discoloured Tooth

Do you have discoloured teeth or have stains on them? If yes, then you can opt for the teeth whitening treatment in a good dental clinic. If the stains are not removed by the teeth whitening treatment as well, a dental crown is a suitable option for one or two teeth that are severely stained. A dental crown can cover severe tooth discolouration or stains by simply capping them.

If you can’t decide whether you need dental crowns or not, reach out to us. When you come down to our dental clinic for dental services, you can count on our dentist to help you know if you are a good candidate for dental crowns.

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