The treatment effects of Invisalign orthodontic aligners

No one wants to have misaligned or crooked teeth especially the front teeth. Misaligned teeth can make it difficult to chew food, clean your teeth (which can cause cavities and tooth decay), and also make you socially uncomfortable especially when you smile. In order to correct your misalignment, there are several treatment options such as metal braces, Invisalign orthodontic aligners, etc. Unlike metal braces, clear aligners or Invisalign are not clearly visible and hence, they are most commonly used to correct misaligned teeth. Also, you can remove them when you wish to and the treatment process is pain-free. The treatment effects of Invisalign orthodontic aligners are as follows.

Improved oral health

When you start using Invisalign aligners, you can easily simply remove them to brush and floss your teeth as usual. This helps in maintaining and improving oral hygiene as you don’t have to find complex angles to clean your teeth when you are wearing metal braces.

Increased confidence

Unlike metal braces, these aligners are not clearly visible to others. Therefore, the person using these aligners can smile freely and talk confidently at social gatherings without thinking twice about the applied Invisalign.

Freedom to eat anything

When it comes to metal braces, there is a long list of foods that you need to avoid in order to keep your teeth in shape. The same is not the case when it comes to Invisalign. When you use Invisalign, you can eat anything as you wish. This is because aligners can be removed before eating and then they can be put back in place once you’re done eating your meal.

Pain-free process

People using metal braces often complain of dental pain. Also, if the metal braces protrude or break, then you may need to quickly visit a dentist. Broken wires are dental emergencies and if you do not take immediate action, it can hurt the soft tissues in your mouth and result in excruciating pain. Invisalign aligners are custom-made as per your dental structure and they are made of plastic. Therefore, you do not experience pain when you wear them and you do not have to worry about any dental emergency.

If you want to have properly aligned teeth, you can get in touch with a dentist in Edmonton. The dentist will take a look at your dental structure and suggest the right treatment to correct the misalignment.

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